The Truth About Women’s sexuality

It is a fact that men think about sex several times a day. But sexuality also plays an important role for us women. We also feel desire and sexual arousal. Studies have shown that female desire is perhaps even more pronounced than male sexuality. In society, however, female arousal is rarely treated openly. To change this, we are all challenged to share our experiences of love and relationship, and especially to articulate the needs of the female sex. Having a sex life is nothing to be ashamed of.

Female Sexuality in Detail

It is not only men who want to have sex. The female body also reacts sensitively to sexual touches, which play an important role in life. They are a human need. It is true that an intact partnership is a prerequisite for sexual desire for many women. But there are those who enjoy a fulfilled sex life without having deeper feelings for the man. Others, on the other hand, prefer masturbation in the absence of a partner. In practice, the possibilities to gain satisfaction as a woman are limitless. It is only important to know one’s own sexuality and to get involved with it.

Apart from fetishes, postures and erogenous zones, more general sexual preferences can also be distinguished. As already mentioned, feelings play an important role for most people. Some can only let themselves fall in an intact relationship. Giving up control and completely giving one’s own body to another person requires a lot of trust. Besides, let’s be honest: each of us enjoys driving our own man crazy even after a long time. This makes us feel physically attractive and increases our self-confidence. This makes us feel more comfortable in our skin. So de facto we improve our quality of life and also our health is positively influenced.

  1. The time of year and day of sexual activity vary according to gender. While men are sexually aroused in summer and in the morning, women prefer spring and evening hours.
  2. Especially in the evening, when the problems of the day are no longer on our backs, it is particularly easy to give oneself physically to others. Here we also rather reach an orgasm.
  3. It is easier for men to switch off when stimulating their erogenous zones and give themselves completely to the cause.
  4. Tip for all women: especially on vacation (where we are completely relaxed), it is easier for us to increase the arousal until orgasm.

The cycle also influences the needs of the female body. We feel a particularly high desire due to hormones shortly before ovulation. After the birth of a child, on the other hand, the hormone prolactin inhibits our desire.

Female sexuality in society

While men are now granted sexual intercourse for pleasure, some still believe that our sexuality is limited to the function of reproduction. Like every human being, however, women also long for physical closeness. One author writes in his book that women let themselves be aroused by more things than men. Often women even want more sex than their partner, but do not dare to address this topic. If they feel rejected and not desirable, the desire can be lost for a long time.

What are the reasons for sexual unwillingness?

Sexual problems can have many causes. Often complexes related to one’s own body are decisive. According to studies, one third of all women have no desire to have sex. This affects not only sexuality, but also the relationship.

Overall, sexual unwillingness can be traced back to physical (hormonal and organic), psychological and partnership causes.

No desire for sex – that is to blame:

  • Too little testosterone (male sex hormone): triggered by removal of the ovaries, menopause or by taking the pill.
  • Loss of sensitivity (operations on intervertebral discs or large intestine)
  • Diseases (diabetes, arteriosclerosis, hypothyroidism)
  • side effect
  • depressions
  • relationship problems
  • stress

It is perfectly normal not to feel any desire from time to time. However, if this is the case permanently, you should get to the bottom of it quickly and solve the problem. After all, sexuality is an issue that should accompany us throughout our lives and bring us joy.

Sex in old age

Sexuality develops through experience. We reach the end of development and, so to speak, the flowering of our sexuality at the age of about 35.